Taking it to the Streets — The Annual Tighty Whitey Race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii!

The Tighty Whitey run gets started Thursday morning in Kailua-Kona!

Even the most serious triathletes have to take some time out for a little fun just two days out from race day — 2011 Ironman Championship this Saturday, October 8. This unofficial event is a crowd favorite each year — it all started years ago as a poke at the European athletes’ skin tight training briefs. It’s grown in size and outragousness every year since. We left Huggo’s in the good hands of Chef Ken, while we ran out to snap these shots — enjoy!

Pretty in Pink...Oh, My!
Airbrush this, Airbrush these? No way!
Once again this year, a strong and fun Japanese contingent fly their Ironman colors!
Big Island 2011 Ironman Championship participant Ricci, right, and her team --hey buddy where are your briefs!
And finally, bringing up the rear view!