Huggo’s Winning Relay Team for the 2013 Kukio Challenge

Eric's sprint to the finish line!

Huggo’s President Eric von Platen Luder paddles the last leg of the 2013  Kukio Challenge at Kukio Resort on Sunday, June 2. Eric clinched third place overall for his Open Division Relay Team with his strong finish in the two-mile stand up paddle. He and team mates Nathan Grocholski and Justin Butler finished the half-mile swim, three-mile run and two-mile paddle in just 1:09:59. Way to go team!

All together, Huggo’s and its two sister restaurants (On the Rocks in Kailua-Kona and Lava lava Beach Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort) fielded 12 employees to make up 4 teams competing in the Relay Division of the annual event this year.

The restaurants’ competitors included: Eric, Nathan, Justin; Ty Kanuha, Levi Gonzales, Makai Moore; Andrew Wood, Candee Jo Jardine, Neil White Eagle; and Adam Williams, Shane Antoine, Drew Watson.

Kudos to all!