Huggo’s Island Fresh Producers — the First in an On-Going Series!

Island Fresh Aquaponics Owner & Farm Manager Mark Stephens

Island Fresh Aquaponics specializes in Artisan Baby Lettuce…the best tasting lettuce on the Big Island and is located within 5 miles of your Huggo’s dining experience!  Picked fresh in the early morning hours and delivered to your dinner table that very day, assuring you of the highest quality and best tasting produce possible. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture — raising aquatic animals such as fish and hydroponics, cultivating the lettuces in water in a symbiotic environment with the fish.

Some of the great benefits of Aquaponics farming is that the traditional farming equipment is not needed, a minimal space is required, one body of water isused, and ground pests are eliminated.  Because the Plants are grown floating in a trough of water on an elevated gravel bed, many common pest problems are eliminated all together.  Also, when harvesting, the plants are clean and crisp with no soil to be removed before packaging and selling. The benefit of this system is the produce is 100% pesticide free, grown with no chemical fertilizers
whatsoever.  The entire system is based on natural cultivation just the way that nature intended. With Aquaponics we not only have fresh vegetables growing in a continuous, sustainable system, but fresh fish as well!