Chef Ken on the Set at Huggo’s!

Bob, Chef Ken and Paul at Huggo's.

Breakfasts with Bob and Paul had a surprise guest wander onto the set this morning — Huggo’s Executive Chef Ken Schloss. Between tri-athlete interviews they took time away from talking racing to talking the great food Chef Ken dishes out nightly at Huggo’s. Looking good Chef!

Chef Ken on the set with Bob, left, and Paul.

When the cameras started rolling, multiple Ironman champion Jordan Rapp from Thousand Oaks, CA, was first up on the Breakfasts with Bob streaming on-line talk show. It’s being taped daily at Huggo’s up until race day Saturday.

While Jordan has taken titles at races across the country, this is his first time competing in the Ironman World Championship here on Hawaii Island. Rapp suffered a serious, potentially triathlon-ending accident in March of 2010. He was hit by a motorist while training on his bike before a race. “A week later, walking with a cane and holding on to an IV line, I never thought I’d get on a bike again.” By November of that year, after broken bones mended and physical scars healed (Rapp says the doctors stopped counting the stitches in his neck when they reached 151 — it was just one of many wounds he endured in the accident) he was racing again in the Arizona Triathlon.

Bob and athlete Jordan Rapp share a laugh during the interview at Huggo's today.

This year, Rapp is definitely on everyone’s radar after winning two Ironman events (New York and Texas) coming into the World Championship here this week. All of us at Huggo’s say, “Go Jordan”!

One of Hawaii Island's most popular musicians, Ponchoman, left, provides the lead-in song for the interviews each morning. Jordan Rapp, center, with his son Quincey and Bob at right.