Cheers from Huggo’s!

Huggo's popular Hawaiian Rainbow cocktail

You asked for it and we deliver — the secret to our popular Hawaiian Rainbow cocktail. Serve it as pictured at left (on the rocks) or as an adults-only shave ice — an especially thirst quenching treat on balmy tropical nights!

Huggo’s Hawaiian Rainbow


1  1/2 oz Light Rum

1/4 oz Banana Liqueur

1/4 oz Melon Liqueur

Mai Tai Mix

Float Cranberry Juice


Fill tall glass with ice cubes and add the melon liqueur as the base for this colorful drink. Then carefully layer the banana liqueur and Mai Tai mix for the multi-colored rainbow effect. Top with a splash of cranberry juice and 1 1/2 oz float of light rum. Garnish with pineapple wedge, lime and marishino cherries. Enjoy!