Some of the Nightly Specials You’ll Find at Huggo’s — Including Tonight’s Tempting Offering!

Chef Ken with his dessert and pupu specials.

Chef Ken Schloss never ceases to amaze with the variety of delicious specials he offers diners nightly — pupu, entrees and desserts. Fight the urge to go with one of your favorite menu classics and adventure into a world of culinary surpirses. Chef Ken creates dishes influenced by a number of world regions — Spain, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Asia, California and Hawaii, of course!

Tonight’s morning catch special is: Herb Marinated Grilled Mongchong in a Black Garlic-Yuzu Hollandaise with Saffron-Asparagus Risotto, French Green Beans all topped with Fried Leeks.

Mongchong special.

Among some other recent hits: Kona Shrimp with Paella in a classic Boulliabaise. Absolutely Delicious!

Chef Ken with his Kona Kai Shrimp & Paella special.

And, don’t forget to check out Chef Ken’s tantalizing dessert specials!

Sinfully good finales!