Chef Ken’s Jerk is Here!

On the Rocks' signature rum cocktails are the perfect summer coolers and the just right beverages to accompany Chef Ken's Jerk Chicken. Cheers!

Huggo’s Executive Chef Ken Schloss spent several years living and cooking in Jamaica and on other Caribbean Islands. During that time, he perfected a mouthwatering Jerk Chicken recipe — a wildly popular dish in the region.

“I was never able to replicate the authentic recipe on the mainland since two essential ingredients don’t exist there,” he says. Local field onions (Jamaican green onion) and country peppers (Bonnie peppers) are key to the success of Jerk Chicken, and Chef Ken says mainland scallions and Habaneros peppers just don’t measure up! Hawaii Island, however, has a local green onion identical to the Jamaican field onion and a pepper that is the same as Jamaica’s Scotch Bonnet. “I recently made my Jerk Chicken recipe using these local ingredients and it’s a perfect match to my ‘taste memory’ of this recipe created years ago in the Caribbean,” he says.

Happily Chef Ken will be sharing this taste of the Caribbean with diners at On the Rocks this Friday, August 24. Come kau kau (eat) and party at On the Rocks on Kailua-Kona’s waterfront!